23. February 2005 · Comments Off on Sigh…I HATE When that happens · Categories: Technology

Our old CRT Monitor was on its last bit of flicker. The colors were dying. The brightness was set at nuthin’ because if you went higher it simply washed all out, and the contrast was cranked all the way up and still…you couldn’t see much.

So I went to the store and bought this. I’ll be checking it out on a couple of my favorite games and then I’m sure that Beautiful Wife and Boyo will dive into Morrowwind with it.

I know it shouldn’t make that much difference but 20″ vs 19″ is a lot of ocular real estate. Plus, I didn’t realize just how bad the old monitor sucked until this one came on. Yes…I’m trying digital mode for the first time. It seems to like digital mode just fine.

All you geeks out there, please leave comments about the pros and cons of digital vs analog display properties.

And no…I didn’t pay that price for it…I paid less…AND got a $100.00 rebate. I’m not unhappy.

Yes…that does just about wipe out the tax return for this year. Thank you Uncle Sugar for hanging onto my money for me. If it wasn’t for my IRS Savings Account, I don’t think we’d ever buy anything new.

UPDATE: The feline roommates are quite upset with me, especially Miko…who jumped up to get her butt all nice and toasty and managed to stay balanced on the 1 inch width of the new flatscreen for a full 2 seconds before having to jump off. I applauded as she did her “I meant to do that.” cleaning of her face. She’s having none of it.

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