I swear, every time I think we have reached peak stupid, reality says “Hold my beer and watch this!” The ruckus this past weekend over cadets at the Army-Navy game appearing on live camera making a variant of the “OK” gesture now has elements of the national media, as well as authorities at the two service academies plain old coming unglued. And this is because this gesture is somehow supposed to be associated with so-called ‘white power’/ racial superiority. Great has been the twitter-tornado launched by the particularly clueless activists who happened to notice the upside-down OK gesture; I can only imagine the numbers of boggarts, ghouls and haunts which are currently living under their own beds and in their closets.

The OK gesture as a ‘white power/racial superiority’ thing is nothing more than a massive troll by the weaponized autistics at 4Chan, and not the first time that they have gotten a rise out of the credulous and readily wound-up by making a ridiculous suggestion and having it swallowed whole.

So, in the interests of saving time on the part of the academy authorities, and energy on the part of the activist twitterati, I will tell you exactly what this gesture means, and what will likely be discovered by the academies; it will all turn out to be an ongoing prank called ‘the circle game’ or ‘made you look!’; a jest which has been enjoyed by bored enlisted troops for more than a decade. The Daughter Unit tells me that young male Marines of her acquaintance employed a refinement of making the ‘circle/made-you-look’ close to their crotch. It’s a game, people – a rather silly, juvenile one – and one which has been out there long enough to have been the plot of an episode of Malcolm in the Middle, for pete’s sake. A couple of weeks ago, we even spotted a pickup truck with the finger gesture and ‘made you look’ on a window decal!

That’s all that it will turn out to be; doubtless the twitterati will be coming unglued about something else tomorrow, and such will be the embarrassment over this (assuming that they are capable of feeling embarrassment, of course) that this incident will be memory-holed, as if it never happened.
Sure, the OK gesture is indicative of white supremacy. And the moon is made of green cheese, socialism is the wave of the future and I’m Marie of Romania. You may address me as ‘Your Highness’ if you wish to be formal.


  1. Dannytejas

    We played that game in Misawa in the late 60’s all the way up to when I retired in 1992. It was a distraction from the rigors of working shifts on the Hill.

  2. Sgt. Mom

    Not surprised in the least that it has been around that long – I wasn’t particularly aware then, but then … I’m a female, and hung out with a relatively refined crowd.