27. December 2005 · Comments Off on Sitting Here, Listening To Radio Paradise · Categories: Technology, That's Entertainment!

Hey, I’m not going to let our fucked-in-the-ass archive/search function spoil my buzz here… It’s fucked-up, you and I both know it – whatever. And you and I both know that, while I can’t draw any links out of my hat, both Timmer and I have sung the praises of Radio Paradise.

Well, I’ve become a bit distanced of late – choosing instead to tune-in old cable TV reruns – even if I’d seen them three times before – shame on me.

And there is something of my obsessive-compulsive thing at play here… Man, this is way better than my old Macintosh system – S/N wise, but hardly as good as the Yamaha. But the stereo image.. I have to hold my head right here – there’s no dimensional presence… Eegad!

Man, I don’t know. This is leagues beyond watching cable TV reruns. But, damn, I’ve got to work on my room acoustics.

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