21. November 2004 · Comments Off on Some Deceptive Advertizing At Dell. · Categories: General Nonsense

I had to laugh at this Dell commercial: The dad asks his pre-teen son what kind of PC he wants for Christmas. And the kid starts rattling off the specs for a $4000 PCI-E gamer’s dream system. Then it breaks to a plug for their gift card, showing a $500 card, and then a plug for their Dimension 2400 $399 price leader.

Riiiiight Dell, I can just see all these parents giving their kids $500 Dell gift cards. And then hearing, “yea, sure, mom and dad. This might get me a graphics card and some speakers.” 🙂

Update: I really should mention that very few gamers are dreaming of Dell systems, or anything else that uses Intel. AMD is really walking away from Intel in the high performance game. Indeed, the 925XE chipset that the kid wants is pretty sucky.

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