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This is me confronting some shit for brains petty officer at the gym who didn’t think it was a big deal that his basketball almost went under my eliptical cross trainer and nearly launched me and the cross trainer across the court. “Dude, it was an accident.” And no…it wasn’t a missed pass, he threw the thing over an entire other court and completely missed the guy he was throwing to by 50 feet. Having been launched in the past and having had a cross-trainer on top of me, I tend to be a little skittish when there are balls around to begin with.

Yes, I over-reacted and yes, his ass is mine. No…I’m not out to end his career, just to scare the shite out of him for showing less than proper respect for a raging old fart who doesn’t like being launched in any sense of the word and likes it even less when said shit for brains turns his back on me just as I’m getting warmed up and tells his “posse,” “Yo, this one’s trippin’.” I understand he needs to maintain his court cred, but not at the expense of MY pride and ego. He had his 5 minutes of satisfaction, I’m going to have about 15 minutes of watching him shiver…just because… Or…I may just leave him alone and wait until I see him in the hallway and then give the smile of death. Part of me likes that even better. But since it was a safety issue…you see it coming don’t you? I think the best bet would be to talk with one of the chiefs and have the young man give a briefing at the next all hands call.

At some point all of us who came from the street to the service have to make that decision, “Which world am I going to live in?” Ya can’t sit on the fence after E4…I know, I tried. They didn’t let me get away with it either.

South Park Studio via Planearium.
Hat tip to Michele.

UPDATE AFTER A GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP: The title of the briefing will be, “Hidden Dangers at the Fitness Center” And yeah, I know I’m being a d*ck.

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