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This from Rowan Scarborough at WaTimes:

U.S. Special Operations Command has drafted a war plan that sets up procedures for how its commandos will work with other regional commands across the globe to hunt for senior Islamic terrorists.

The complex plan from SoCom in Tampa, Fla., has been in the works since summer 2002, when Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld signed a secret directive authorizing it. His memo directed SoCom to come up with a plan for dispatching special operations forces on quick notice to virtually any spot in the world to kill or capture terrorists.

The Washington Times learned of the developing plan this week from defense sources, who said it is encountering resistance from some regional headquarters that object to SoCom operating autonomously in their territory. The plan has yet to be presented to Mr. Rumsfeld.


In early 2003, Mr. Rumsfeld elevated SoCom to a status equal to war-fighting commands, such as Central Command, which plan their own battles and executions. Until then, SoCom had only supported war-fighting commands. He also designated SoCom as the global command in the war on Islamic terrorists.

Frankly, I’m rather amazed in that this was so long in coming.

Hat Tip: LGF

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