02. December 2004 · Comments Off on Spirit of America · Categories: Iraq: The Good

Friends of Iraq

So you want to help our guys and gals over in the desert but you say you don’t know how? You’ve heard the military has shut down the any service member mail for the holidays? So what’s a person to do to help?

Simply click right here to help support the folks over in Iraq.

Come on $5.00 per person can make a huge difference. With the buying power of a charity, that’s like 10 bags of candy our troops can hand out to the kids in Iraq which translates into some serious goodwill. For you and I that’s a trip to your local coffee shoppe, for them it’s a bagful of classroom supplies.

(Would someone please remind me how to hotlink an image so next week I can put the click in the button? And who borrowed my HTML book and didn’t return it?)

UPDATE: Wow…our readers are both quick and efficient. I’m guessing charitible too?

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