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That’s what I’m doing as I write this, but that’s just the image of Sister Agnes with her ruler that’s burned in my head. Which is more than part of this post.

James Joyner over at Outside the Beltway has expanded on a discussion about what we’re NOT hearing about the Pope’s legacy.

I am very sad and still in mourning over this Pope’s death. As Mom mentioned I didn’t think I’d be this affected by it. Along with the sadness though is a sense of relief and anticipation. Perhaps now Rome will correct the evil that’s also part of this Pope’s legacy. It’s painful to even think about on so may levels, but let us not forget:

Children were abused and raped by “Priests.”

Those “Priests” were sheltered and protected by the church and many of them are still in hiding, still allowed to perform the sacrements.

One of the most culpable members of the church’s leadership has been allowed to stay in Rome to avoid American justice and basically lives the life of a prince.

The church’s doctorine of protecting the innocent is forever tarnished and it’s moral authority completely and utterly destroyed as long as the silence and non-retribution remains policy.

Is all of this Pope’s good whiped out or tainted by this? Not if you pay attention to the news. Not if you pay attention to The Knights of Columbus. And I would say no also. He did some amazing things as Pope and I’m more than a little loathe to bring it up…but dammit, children were abused and raped by “Priests” and the silence of Rome is deafening.

Update: OMG. Baldy questions the timing. Because of course, if you’re not for us, you’re against us…and a Commie to boot. Okay…she doesn’t say that…that’s just what I read.

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