09. April 2005 · Comments Off on Stop Activist Evangelicals · Categories: General

I am currently watching a conference from last Thursday conducted by an organization called StopActivistJudges.org, led by Rick Scarborough, a preacher who would like to install a theocracy, based upon his interpretation of The Bible, in Washington D.C..

I watched an interview with this guy Thursday morning. And I must say, he is as big a nutcase as my nuisance emailer. The hypocrisy, and lack of intellectual integrity of his organization was evident in his position on the Terri Schiavo case, where he placed his “activist judge” label upon Judge Greer.

Now, I have my reservations about the Schiavo case; I would have liked to see some further, more contemporary, diagnostic techniques employed. But I am satisfied that the laws of The State of Florida were followed appropriately. What Scarborough would have liked to see is religious conservative federal activist judges – those that share HIS point of view – take extra-constitutional action to overturn the decision of the Florida courts.

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