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Stormy Kromer, put a legend on your head.

A friend of mine has one of these silly looking hats and he swears it keeps his head and ears toasty all winter long. I’m at that age when I kind of enjoy being silly and not caring what the neighbors think. And since I’ve started shaving my head, keeping my noggin toasty has become a priority as the weather changes. It’s not always easy.

I was going to wait until it showed up in the mail to write a review about it, but after the email I received confirming my order, I had to share it with you all.

Just thought we would let you know that in just a few minutes, your order
will be carefully removed from our Stormy Kromer shelves, placed into some
sort of container, and sent on its way to you. And if it’s cold where you
are, then you are correct in feeling pretty darn good about that. If it’s
warm where you are, keep it to yourself… no point in rubbing it in.

Prior to its departure, a semi-qualified team of almost 50 inspectors
(actually, it’ll be just one person, but she’s really good) will check
your order to make sure it passes muster. Our “packing specialist” will
then ask for a collective moment of silence, and a reverent calm will fall
over the entire factory as we all watch her place your order into some
sort of shipping thingamajig.

Of course, all of this excitement gave rise to a big party afterwards,
resulting in the whole factory taking the remainder of the day off to walk
your package to the local post office, where most of our town will show up
and join in to wish it a cheerful Bon Voyage!

I hope you enjoyed shopping with us. As you can tell, we sure do. In fact,
we are considering nominating you for Customer of the Year! We’ll see.

You’ve simply got to love a company that has a sense of humor about itself. I’ll let you know how the hat actually works out after it gets here.

Oh, what color did I get? Red plaid of course.

“Silly is a state of grace.” — Mike Meyers

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