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Assorted. Random. That’s the way that things are going. So … in no particular order of importance – are we really-o, truly-o in Heinlein’s Crazy Years? A time when Ted Rall and Michael Moore make sense – hey the odds would have to catch up to them sometime. The choice facing those of us who quixotically vote on Election Day have the unedifying choice between a rich, crude and notably vulgar media personality … and a jaw-droppingly corrupt and incompetent rich professional politician who possesses a vagina.

Well, Blondie and I have already cast our votes, for all the good that may be gathered from them … and in Texas, we do have to show an ID or a voter-registration card to early vote so the odds are that our votes will count for something are pretty good. The whole election thing still hangs over us like Damocles’ sword, so we are both waiting for it to be over, over and done.
Alas, it won’t be over when the results are tallied, and likely protested and litigated over. An apparent Trump victory will be fought against as viciously as the actual election, although I will rather meanly relish the tears of all those media and celeb endorsers who went all out for Corrupticrat Possessor of a Vagina, and the spectacle of all those who vowed to move to Canada or Australia or some other place if he is elected. Yeah, I can offer a couple of boxes for you and a roll of bubble wrap, as soon as your visa is approved.

And if Corrupticrat Possessor of a Vagina is elected – and very possibly by hook, crook and stuffed ballot-box – then Katy Bar the Door. I did not believe that this is Argentina and she is Evita, but it appears that the mainstream national press is totes OK with that concept – as has been revealed by the drip-drip-drip of the Wikileaks emails. The tight relationship between the Democrat Party and the mainstream national press is not just incestuous … it blasts all the way to Petronius’ Satyricon/Eyes Wide Shut full-frontal orgy with none of the naughty bits pixelated out.

Every bit of underhanded shenanigans perpetuated by the Ruling Uniparty to hand the election to CPoaV will be resented, revealed, and condemned – and if not (which is likely, given the unholy alliance between the Uniparty and the mainstream national press) will be resented in sullen silence, especially among those who perceive that their honest votes were disregarded because … the Uniparty ordered it be made so. The appearance of consent must be manufactured, over and above the objections of those asked to consent.

The big losers tomorrow … aside from the candidates? The establishment national press and their various organs and individual personalities of note who have gone all out for CPoaV and forfeited their long-claimed credibility as an even-handed source of unbiased news. No, the major news and cultural establishments are as biased as all hell. Serve them right, if they should be seen truly as they are – as the propaganda arm of the Ruling Uniparty and that we should stop paying them any mind.

Once our vote has been expended, that’s the last power that we have – that of our pocketbook. The fellow-travelers of the Uniparty in the media and entertainment complex cannot force us to watch their TV programs … their movies … purchase their books and magazines, go to their concerts, and read their websites. Unless they have a dreadful 1984-type vision going on, where the approved media is piped into our residences 24-7 and cannot be turned off.

Discuss and commiserate, if you can stomach the prospect.

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