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Messy Christian has a post that I can totally agree with, replete with examples, of the types of Movie-Goers she’d like to throw off a mountain. She’s writing from Singapore, so it’s really interesting note that they have the same types of annoying people over there that we had here when I was watching the LOTR movies. Guess it just goes to show that people are the same the world over.

Her list includes the Echoer, the Handphone (cellphone) Enthusiasist, and the Giggler, among others.

The Giggler:

Gollum starts wrestling with Frodo by the pit of Mount Doom
Giggler: giggle

Gollum bites off Frodo’s finger
Giggler: heehee

Frodo screams.
Giggler: HoHo

Update: MY BAD – MC writes from Malaysia, not Singapore. It’s not that I’m a geographically illiterate American, really (well, mostly not). It’s that I have an internet friend in Singapore, and so that’s where my brain automatically heads to. Sorry, MC!

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