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Spy Chips Guiding CIA Drone Strikes, Locals Say

It sounds like a tinfoil hat nightmare, come to life: tiny electronic homing beacons, guiding CIA killer drones to their targets. But local residents and Taliban militants in Pakistan’s tribal wildlands say that’s exactly what’s happening. Tribesman in Waziristan are being paid to “plant the electronic devices” near militant safehouses, they tell the Guardian. “Hours or days later, a drone, guided by the signal from the chip, destroys the building with a salvo of missiles.”

Targeting by underpaid locals.  Blowing up houses – and we dunno who is in them!  That’s pretty damned bad. And a whole bunch of people [1] used this as a springboard to get all angry at the United States and the military in particular.

Run this part past your MK I eyeballs and feed the data to your brain-housing group.

local residents and Taliban militants .. say that’s exactly what’s happening.

Are you people so damned uncritical in your thinking that you just accept foolishness at face value?  Do you not recognize bullshit when you step in it? 

A group of zealots have declared war on our culture.  They do not like us.  They have killed many thousands of people in the West.  Do you expect their news releases to be full of Truth and Sunshine?

Guys like the Taliban – this may come as a shock, brace yourself – will lie to you.  They want to win and lying to the gullible is a cheap way to make that happen.

And many many tens of thousands of y’all just accept their shit as if it were sunshine.

Y’all need to cut that out and engage your brains.

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[1] Christopher is not the only one I read who is guilty of this.  But he is the only person whose link I bothered to save.

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