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…And you wanted the ultimate American Gran Turismo car, to counter the 550 Hp twin-turbo, W-12, Bentley (VW) Continental GT?


Well, if I were he, I would first ask how much GM wanted for the one-of-a-kind, 1000+ HP, V-16 Cadillac Sixteen:

Caddilac Sixteen

Of course, GM will likely send that masterpiece to the chopper, before they sell it. So, if I were Jay Leno, I would endeavor to build the equivalant out of a 1966 Toronado. (TLC Rides link to come):

And, of course, I might do as he did, and use my special relationship with the GM big-wigs to finagle a couple to C5 Corvette chassis to lend to the project, as well as a not-available-to-the-public 1000+ HP twin-turbocharged LS7 motor:


Of course, if I were Jay Leno, I would have insisted that GM give up a couple of pre-production C6 ZO6’s, and made a full aluminum frame. I also would have made bucks of the ’66 Toro’, and built the body out of aluminum. Or, better yet, carbon fiber/epoxy composite. And I would have really pushed, to get GM to exercise their worldwide engineering resources, and make this an AWD. After all, no high-roller worth his salt will be driving RWD-only twenty years from now.

But, that said, the Jay Leno ’66 Toro’ is one cool ride.

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