25. December 2004 · Comments Off on Symbian Under Attack · Categories: Technology

Users of Symbian-based smart phones should avoid the MetalGear game:

The malware, MetalGear.a, which masquerades as a Symbian version of the Metal Gear Solid game, disables antivirus programs and also installs a version of the Cabir worm identified earlier this year, according to SimWorks International, which issued an alert on Tuesday.

The Cabir worm, in turn, attempts to spread a second Trojan program, called SEXXXY, to nearby phones through the Bluetooth short-range wireless protocol.

“This is a new strand of smart phone malware because it actually consists of three pieces: two Trojans and a worm,” said Aaron Davidson, chief executive officer of SimWorks, in a telephone interview Thursday from the company’s headquarters in Auckland. “It also shows how viruses writers are getting more sophisticated.”

In a related story, it seems of of the few bright spots in the IT job market is for cybersecurity professionals:

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