08. October 2005 · Comments Off on Syria Still Quite Active In Lebanon · Categories: Iraq, World

This from Michael Totten’s blog:

It doesn’t look good. The situation here in this country isn’t precisely the rosiest I can imagine. Syria’s Bashar Assad did threaten to “burn Lebanon” if he was forced out. And he was forced out. But Lebanon hasn’t burned yet – not much anyway. A total of four people have been killed here since February. I for one don’t see why a massive terror campaign would start up after the U.N.’s report is released. I don’t see what Syria could possibly gain. Syria, on the contrary, could lose everything.

My sense is that bad memories and the usual Middle Eastern paranoia (which is understandable to an extent) is exagerrating most people’s dread of the worst case scenario. In April the fear on the street was that the Lebanese civil war would restart. It didn’t.

Even before the liberation of Iraq, I maintained that Syria would be the primary roadblock to stability. We see that this is true in Lebanon as well. Although I believe their capacity for mischief is being taxed by operations in Iraq. I think this is an issue that can only be addressed militarily.

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