24. February 2005 · Comments Off on Syrian Officer Confesses To Training Iraqi Terrorists · Categories: Iraq

This from AP:

“What’s your job?” he was asked by someone off-camera. “I am a lieutenant in intelligence.”

Then a second question. “Which intelligence?” The reply: “Syrian intelligence.”

And so began a detailed 15-minute confession broadcast by al-Iraqiya TV on Wednesday, in which the man, identified as 30-year-old Lt. Anas Ahmed al-Essa, said his group was recruited to “cause chaos in Iraq … to bar America from reaching Syria.”

“We received all the instructions from Syrian intelligence,” said the man, who appeared in the propaganda video along with 10 Iraqis who said they had also been recruited by Syrian intelligence officers.

Later, al-Iraqiya aired another round of interviews with men it said were Sudanese and Egyptians who also trained in Syria to carry out attacks in Iraq.

Syrian officials could not immediately be reached for comment on the claims, which were not possible to authenticate independently.

An Iraqi special forces commander, Brig. Gen. Abu Al-Walid, said his forces arrested the men in Mosul on Jan.

It occurs to me that, while a full-scale invasion of Syria may not be practical at this time, turning Lebanon into their own little Vietnam should be quite doable.

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