To come out? Oh, no – probably not yet, with the Dem political convocation going on. Well, as long as they are having fun, the bed-bugs are biting, Debbie Wasserman Schultz is still conditioning her hair with mayonnaise (Deb, sweetie … you’re supposed to rinse the stuff out, after it sets for a bit), and the DNC/Obama campaign is paying their bills on time. Perhaps they are not, which is one of those straws in the wind. My daughter says that Charlotte is a fairly couth little city, with plenty of ok-to-nice-to rather-more-than-nice hotels and motels on tap, so why they had to book various news orgs into those with hot and cold running bedbugs and drug dealers and hookers in the parking lot servicing their regular clientele is a mystery … Ooooh, I know! They didn’t want to spring for the nice hotels, or couldn’t spring for the nice hotels, or maybe they just wanted to treat the working press mainstream division like the …umhumms … that they are.

Or … since they are already in the bag for the O-man, why bother spending anything more? Anyway, as a desperately cynical libertarian/conservative Tea Partier, I already know where the establishment media stands. When I want to get cogent reporting and commentary I go to various online sources, and if I have a mad pash to read a newspaper, the Daily Mail is full of laughs. I think their American correspondents don’t give a toss as to whether the White House gives them access at all, so their political coverage is rather refreshingly unhampered by residual consideration for the finer feelings of the Chocolate Teleprompter Jesus … or his better half, who … I am sorry, no matter how you slice it, she is not the second coming of Jacqueline Kennedy. (Her sense of fitness and fit in the garments draped about herself is sorely underdeveloped, and the expression that her face customarily falls into in moments when she appears to think herself unobserved is not a pleasant sight.)
Moving on; I was bitterly amused to note that Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy are apparently championed as the defenders of American womanhood. Apparently it’s all about the purity of intention … not the actual conduct when it comes to interaction in the corporeal world with real, flesh and blood American women. In such actual interaction with real, live, flesh and blood American women who had the misfortune to be perceived by these gentlemen* as of a lower social class – they conducted themselves with astonishing and well-recorded piggishness. I shouldn’t really be surprised about this: Al Gore, John Edwards, the Sainted JFK, and LBJ and even going back to FDR … many are recorded as having been rather ghastly in their private conduct towards women generally and female underlings in particular. Their wives were and are, alas, the better part of them. Say what you will about Richard Nixon as an otherwise dysfunctional political paranoid, he appears to have refrained from humping the help, the interns, star-struck film documentarians, on-call hotel-masseuses and passing attractive female strangers.

*triple-plated industrial-strength sarcasm