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Air Force Daze - CoverSorry for the light posting here, with all the interesting stuff going on in the world; the Benghazi matter finally breaking into full daylight, Israel squaring up to Syria, the Beantown Blaster Brothers shoved off the front page of mainstream media by the escape of three young women kidnapped and held for ten years by three pervy brothers … I’m spoiled for choice of news developments to vent on, actually.

The thing is that I’ve got some projects for the Tiny Publishing Bidness going on, my business partner was briefly hospitalized for surgery last week, and I am coming down the home stretch on the next book – The Quivera Trail. But I took time to trawl through the archives and come up with a collection of rants, memos and reminiscences about my time in the military. It just went live on Kindle, and will be up on Nook in a day or so. Air Force Daze – check it out.

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