24. June 2005 · Comments Off on Talk About Obscure · Categories: General, That's Entertainment!

I have previously derided the advertisers for HP, for overplaying the all-too-common, and simplistic Ray Davies tune Picture Book, until they’d run it into the ground. Well, I guess they got one on me. Because, for the past couple of weeks or so, they’ve been playing a tune WHICH I KNEW I KNEW, but I couldn’t place it.

Well, I doubt you’ve EVER heard it before, unless you are at least ten years older then I, and likely a West Coast Beat-Nik or Zoot-Suiter. As I only know this song from having been a regular listener to the Johnny Otis show on KPFK.

Anyway, the song is called Out Of The Picture. And it was recorded by a West Coast R&B group called The Robins, in 1956. It was one of their last.

Oh, and the guy lip-syncing: that’s Francois Vogel, the director of the commercial.

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