14. October 2005 · Comments Off on Talkin’ ‘Bout, Pop Music (051014) · Categories: That's Entertainment!

For the heck of it I downloaded The Alternative Classical Chillout Album off iTunes earlier this week and it was probably the best six bucks I’ve spent all year…except for maybe when the Charlie’s stand at the BX is having a special…but dont’ let me fall apart at the beginning.

With 15 Alternative Tracks performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra this album will be on my pod for a long time and I’ve already burned the CD for my car.

Some songs just translated extemely well to an orchestral treatment. U2’s “It’s a Beautiful Day” stands out amoung all the tracks but I’m a U2 slutkitty…play U2 and I fall on my back with my paws up and a stupid dazed look on my face. Using the oboe, trumpets, french horns and violins in place of Bono’s vocals gives a lot of “Oh wow, that’s really sweet.” moments.

Of course, I could just be jonesing for some classical music amoungst all the other stuff I listen to every day, but Beethoven doesn’t make me grin like the Philharmonic’s version RHCP’s “Under the Bridge” does either so that leaves me thinking: “Oh crap, elevator music is starting to sound good. Let’s review, high blood pressure, high cholesterol no matter how much I work out, my lower back is going out more often…F*CK!!!…I’ve become my Father.”

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