08. December 2004 · Comments Off on Tenure: The Second Gauntlet · Categories: General

Received word today that my college Tenure and Promotion Committee and Dean have approved my application for tenure. Next, it’s on to the University-level committee and the Provost. They tell me I’m over the hump, but it will be nice to have that final letter sometime in Feburary.

It’s an odd process, tenure. Evaluation in the academic setting is quite different from the military setting just from a process standpoint. Only recently has it hit me how I’m being evaluated primarily by my peers instead of by my superiors. While a strong adminstrator is critical, faculty have a tremendous influence over the running of the university.

Faculty governance is a big deal in academia. As you can imagine, the faculty are very concerned over what is in their domain of influence and what is not. I was really taken aback by this when I first arrived at here.

Anyway, one more goal reached. If I can just make it through the rest of this week and then Finals week, I can relax for a while, and maybe even post more to the blog.

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