31. March 2005 · Comments Off on Terri Schiavo Passes Away · Categories: General

At 9:05 AM, ET, this morning, Terri Schiavo stepped into eternity, ending a long and heart-rending struggle by her parents to keep her alive. Her father, brother, and sister were in the room with her until about ten minutes before she died, when they were told to leave. It is not known where her husband was, no one has reported seeing him today, so it is possible that she died alone.

Schiavo’s case touched off a national debate when Judge George Greer ordered her feeding tube removed two weeks ago. People, from the President and the Florida governor, to the congress and the Florida legislature, got involved, and controversy has been strong on all sides. Whether or not one agrees with the decision of congress and the president, it is somewhat comforting to know that they were moved by the sadness of the situation, and that they cared enough about this one person to attempt lifesaving measures. It makes me believe that they would have cared had it been me, all legal arguments aside.

We have to be careful at this juncture, that we as a nation do not become a culture that places no value on disable persons, and that we make the proper moves to protect the lives of innocent people. After all, it is chilling to remember that the Nazi culture in Germany started out with killing the disabled and less-valued members of their society. I plead that we not start down that road! We must review our laws, and changes must be made to protect the lives of those who cannot speak for themselves. The strongest among us must dedicate ourselves to speaking for the weakest, for the preservation of precious life that only God can give.

Whatever our individual views, we must join the bereaved family in mourning the loss of Terri, and pray for their peace and strength.

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