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Just one more note as I turn in:

Today is NOT FOR SHOPPING! Some of the HUMUNGOUS stores are going to be open today and they want us to get an early start and avoid the crowds and do our Holiday Shopping before the official start of the shopping season, which is and shall remain tomorrow. If you start your Christmas Shopping today, you’ll make the Baby Jesus cry.

Today is for getting together with friends and/or family, eating until you can’t eat anymore, napping while pretending to watch football, then waiting an appropriate amount of time before eating yourself silly again. Belching and farting should be done in the vicinity of small children for maximum giggles. Yes, I’m a “Pull my finger.” kind of uncle. Tell me you’re suprised with a straight face.

Happy Thanksgiving all. Please list what you had/will have for your feast in the comments.

Our Menu

Hours d’ouvres:
Celery with cheese and/or peanut butter
Devilled Eggs
Cheetos (Boyo)

Real Mashed Taters
Gravy from Scratch
Cranberry Chutney
Poppin Fresh Dinner Rolls
Green Beans w/Bacon.

Desert: (How could I forget desert?)
Two kinds of punkin’ pie.
Pecan Pie.

And as with all holidays in our house, it’s casual. That means shower, put on your most comfortable clothes, chill out. Stress is not allowed in our home during the holidays. We’ve already had our maximum annual amount of our dogma running over our karma. It’s time to hum ommmmmmmmmm and just chill.

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