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Since she had her heart attack we’ve been taking it easy on the salt – not just table salt but reading the ingredients on packaged food with diligence and care. This is what you do if you want to stay alive long enough for Medical Science to come up with a ‘cure heart disease’ pill.

Still – the kids don’t have to follow our diet. Little Monkey asked for this in the store so … why not? Two cans went into the basket.

The snack that bites back . . Now with sea water flavoring!

Older Monkey had a can for lunch today. He ate a bit. Ate a bit more. Made a face . . .

Him: I don’t want this.

Why not?

Him: I’m not .. hungry.

I tried a slurp. Ever gotten a snoot full of salt water at the beach? It tasted like the Atlantic Ocean off the Delaware beach, with pasta. Bleh.

I’ll bet the other can will work out well as broth over the dog’s food.

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