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Oh, my … does the Dem Party, the historic party of slavery, secession, and segregation now look to add another “s” to their banner of massive fail – that of ‘socialism’, or whatever currently-fashionably euphemism that superannuated, work-shy Commie-symp, Bernie Sanders wants to call state control of any resources of value, including the labor of the masses? Looks like the finger of the burned fool is wabbling back to the fire, as Mr. Kipling so memorably put it all these decades ago. The live-action political version of Grandpa Simpson polled well in Nevada; he would have looked perfectly awful at the Dem Party debate-debacle … save that apparently all the other contenders came off even worse.

The next of the battling B’s is Joe Biden – who might once have had a shot, on the basis of almost half a century representing his constituents and two terms as Obama’s lump-onna-log VP. Major achievements besides enriching his immediate family, and feeling-up and hair-smelling just about any female above kindergarten age who came within reach? Might have once been enough, but the man is going senile before our very eyes. Who among his staff and presumably concerned family thinks that this is a good look, publicly misplacing his last mental marble on the nationwide stage? I can only think that those in charge of Joe-wrangling somehow think that if they have cushy jobs now, they can hang on to them indefinitely if they put him in a pot in the corner and water him two or three times a week. And of course, fend off any serious investigation into how the Biden family monetized Joe’s term in high office by claiming such investigation to be dirty partisan politics.

And then we have the third Battling B … late-comer Michael Bloomberg, or as some have begun to call him “Money Boo Boo” and “Mini-Mike”, who seems to be campaigning mainly by pouring money into advertising ubiquitously; TV, radio, internet venues, bloody everywhere. So far this mostly has resulted in bugging the snot out of ordinary people who just want to get the heck away from politics. One particular radio ad raised the Daughter Unit’s ire by describing him as ‘mayor after 9/11’ – implying to the casual hearer that he had an active part in the immediate response to that event, instead of taking office a year later. Perhaps the operative theory is if you only break down and vote for Money Boo Boo/Mini Mike he’s go away and let you watch TV, listen to radio and surf Instagram and leave you the heck alone. Well … at least he was a mayor, and has an administrative record of accomplishment, of sorts.

So, it is going to be interesting – in the sense of the apocryphal Chinese curse – at the Dem convention this July in Milwaukee, if these three continue to vie head to head. Bernie Sanders has the passionate following, seemingly ready to react violently if the old work-shy commie-symp is screwed out of what they view as his due. Mini-Mike Bloomberg has the money and perhaps the support of those Dems who actually respect real administrative experience … and Joe Biden possesses the ragged remnant of gravitas through decades of senate experience and having been Obama’s VP. My sense of this is that either way the convention goes, partisans, supporters and allies of the other two will be seriously annoyed. Discuss as you feel inspired.

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