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On the cover of my latest Automobile magazine (11/05): “Civil War! Z06 vs Ford GT vs Viper [coupe].” I expect the other major automags will follow suit.

Of course, revivals of the old Chevy, Ford, Dodge rivalry aside, this is more a matter of contrast than comparison, as these are three distinctly different cars. But some excerpts are worth noting:

[T]hese are America’s greatest cars – and two of them, the GT and the Corvette, are among the world’s best cars.

In performance, price, and driving pleasure, [the Z06] blows the current Porsche 911 Carrera S away[.]

Now all the American industry has to do is up the ante with its more affordable cars

Well, the ante is being upped – across the board. I’ve raved about other new American cars on this blog – the Opel Omega based Cadillac CTS comes to mind. And now it seems the Mazda 6 based Ford Fusion is a star player.

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