They abandoned the dogs. In the hurry to abandon Kabul, the assholes in charge of leaving Afghanistan in an unseemly hurry – abandoned the dogs. Those expensively-trained and pedigreed, loyal, and loving creatures – were abandoned. In their travel crates, no doubt bewildered and confused. Left to die of hunger and dehydration, or to the torture of Muslims who abominate dogs, or a slower death of starvation and neglect, if someone thought to leave the crate doors unsecured, and let them run free about the area.

I don’t care if the carefully-parsed excuse from the DOD claims that they weren’t actually military DOD working dogs, left behind. I don’t care. Those government-grade assholes lie and parse like they breathe, effortlessly and legalistically. The dogs were trained, valuable, loyal and trusting, no matter who held their leashes and held out their reward woobie for them. And they were left behind, in the most disastrous and shameful retreat and withdrawal since – ¦ honestly, I don’t know when. Maybe the sinking of the Titanic.

And don’t even get me started on the American citizens left behind, or the Afghani citizens who had assisted or worked for the NATO establishments in Afghanistan, who are now at peril. Next to which the situation of the poor dogs pales – but humans have abilities, language, and resources. Those dogs have none of that – only bewilderment at being so betrayed.

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  1. Jim. Bartlett

    I ran across this comment this morning. “When people wonder about how bad the leaving behind the working dogs will effect the Democrats, I am reminded of something a criminal once said:
    “Never hurt the family pet.
    You can kill a 15 year girl and leave her body in the woods. They will stop looking for her after a couple of weeks and most people will forget about it within a month or so.
    You hurt or kill the family dog or cat, they will never stop looking for you.
    They will never forget what you did.
    Parts of the country will make it their life’s mission to hunt you down and destroy you. The police are now the least of your worries.
    There is no escape. No one will protect you out of sheer terror of what is coming for you.
    There is no sympathy and no mercy.
    Your life is over. You will be lucky to see the inside of a courtroom”