09. June 2005 · Comments Off on The Flip Side Of Anti-Nepotism Policies · Categories: General

This from UPI:

ROCK HILL, NC, Jun. 8 (UPI) — A U.S. firefighter’s union wants a North Carolina city to change its nepotism rule after a firefighter fell in love with the captain’s daughter.

Matt Cooper, a firefighter with with Rock Hill Fire Department, plans to wed Brooke Lowery, daughter of Capt. Herbie Lowery, next week.

City policy forbids in-laws and other immediate family members, including uncles, cousins and people who live together and are engaged in a romantic relationships, from working in the same department, reported the Charlotte (N.C.) Observer Wednesday.

While it kind of sucks in this case, as Mr. Cooper was already employed by the department before courting the Captain’s daughter. I still stand by my support for anti-nepotism rules in public agencies. There is simply too much room for abuse without them. And, in this case, if the department changes its rules, any advancement Mr. Cooper gets from here on would be suspect.

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