18. October 2004 · Comments Off on The Guardian’s Attempt To Unseat Bush · Categories: Media Matters Not, Politics

That bastion of unobjective British liberalism, The Guardian, started a campaign last week to get their readers to write letters the voters of Clark County, Ohio, urging them to vote George W. Bush out. And further, to give money to US 527 organizations devoted to helping John Kerry. They have published three letters from prominent Britons here.

What lame thinking on the part of The Guardian. They really don’t understand the American mindset. They don’t understand, that we believe liberty is not a product of one’s culture, or a gift from one’s sovereign, but an inalienable right to which all are entitled, no matter where they might live on this Earth. Indeed, many of us believe the words, :”we hold these truths to be self evident…” were divinely inspired.

That’s why, I predict, their attempts to influence our election will be met by those who receive these letters with mostly reactions ranging from indignation to laughing hysteria.

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