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…Just now is , hands down, MSNBC’s Sharon Tay.

Sharon Tay

News Executive Daniel Cooper thinks Tay has gone too far:

By now, each of you obviously have your thoughts about this issue. I’ll tell you briefly what I think, and I hope you’ll pile on with your responses. And I’m NOT going to be politically correct.

First of all, an anchor or reporter who looks beautiful, let’s go as far as to say arousing, of either sex, is not only fine by me, it’s good for ratings. Chic clothing, great hairstyling — fantastic. But that’s where I stop. Posing in magazines and showing skins is grossly inappropriate, and by the way, many years ago, Meredith Vieira did it. Not with the utterly disgusting lack of taste displayed by Sharon Tay, but Meredith bared a leg pretty much all the way up in a full page photo, and was shown in provocative poses.

I hate to say this, but today’s sexpot anchors are mostly Chinese women. What’s this about? Do these Tay-alikes think they’re going to have a future anywhere at all? Rolling around on cars in field pieces? What’s the plan? To do a year on E! as the next Brooke Burke? Sorry, that job requires big boobs. Maybe it’s just to land a rich husband and chuck the business. It’s certainly not a shot at White House correspondent.

A word to the wise: look your best. But keep sexy out of your on-air persona. If your boss asks for it, refuse. Maintain your dignity. These women are further damaging the credibility of broadcast journalists. What viewers want is your brain, an easy to grasp and likeable personality, and pleasant looks. Work on that.

I don’t think he’s correct about the “mostly Chinese women” thing. But he doesn’t care much for MSNBC, or their GE overloards either:

Does this seem to be some sort of conflict of interest? On the one hand, you can make a fortune writing what has for years been the liberal adventures of President Bartlet for a prime time drama, and at the same time you can be employed by NBC News as a political analyst. What kind of political analyst?

In any case, Caddell, a Democrat, said on the cable show that during the first three weeks of the current war in Iraq, he was told by MSNBC executives that his services would not be needed, because he wasn’t sufficiently pro-Bush.

Is this an indication of what NBC News wants to be? Was this a desperate me-too attempt to get Fox viewers to watch MSNBC? They were afraid to broadcast independent voices about a war Americans were fighting?

Here is an indication of the current destruction of NBC News by the people I won’t bother mentioning who run GE, NBC, NBC News and MSNBC. This is what I mean when I say the network news departments must be protected by federal governance, not left to be run by amoral morons whose desperation to make a buck outweighs their constitutional responsibility. And they accuse Fox of being biased! Fox leaves no doubt about where they stand–remember, “fair and balanced” is a marketing strategy, not a pledge of objectivity.

Update: Here’s a not-so-scientific poll on the matter

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