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I’ve seen this one in a few places so I googled it and got this article. I’m sure you can find more.

Stanford study explores web of Internet addiction
Six to 14 percent of computer users may be afflicted, researchers say

Article Last Updated:10/20/2006 02:45:11 AM PDT

Like a roll of dice or a sip of bourbon, the glow of the computer screen has an irresistible and dangerous allure to many people, according to a new nationwide study by Stanford University.

A random survey of 2,500 adults — the first-ever attempt to quantify “Internet addiction” in the general population — found 6 to 14 percent of computer users said they spent too many bleary-eyed hours checking e-mail, making blog entries or visiting Web sites or chat rooms, neglecting work, school, families, food and sleep.

The Stanford team, led by psychiatrist Elias Aboujaoude, isn’t worried about folks who spend their lunch hours cruising travel sites for a summer vacation in Tuscany.

Knowing a bit about addiction from both the counselor and addict perspective, I think we’re talking a different beast here. Are these people addicted to the internet or are they simply communicating using the technology available? Are people who stay up late at the diner having coffee with their friends addicted to diners? And yes, I recognize the “symptom” of neglecting other areas of their life, but still, I think there’s something different going on here.

How many folks are walking around with a perpetual blue-tooth attached to their head? How many folks do you see on their cell phone alllll the time?

We’re connected in ways we never dreamed of. Is that good? Is that bad? Is it healthy? We’re still dealing with the changes.

I’m getting to the point where I only check my email a couple of times a day at work. Why? I get a hell of a lot more done. I used to be one of those guys who reacted every time a new mail bing-bong went off. I turned off the new mail sound. Also, I don’t have my cell phone turned on when I’m at home or in my office. Why? I have phones there. If you need me and can’t get ahold of me at work or at home, THEN you should call my cell phone. This seems to annoy and baffle people. Why don’t you just use your cell all the time? I do, when I make calls. The phone book is just too convenient not to. But I don’t take calls on it all that often because…I have phones in my office and at home.

At some point, I have to understand that technology is for MY convenience. I’m not a slave to the machine, it’s a slave to me.

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