21. December 2004 · Comments Off on The Laments Of A “Former TV Talkshow Host” · Categories: Iraq, Military, Technology

I just saw Phil Donohue on Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor. And admittedly, I didn’t hear much over the sound of my crunchy Cheetos. But, shortly before I heard this idiot singing the praises of Al Franken, I heard him tell Bill, “there’s no such thing as a precision bomb.”

Well, let’s see here: historians widely agree, the age of “precision” manufacturing, the harbinger of the Industrial Age, dawned in the mid-eighteenth century. But they had no conception of things like micro-tolerance lapping, EDM, and laser interferomitry, which we routinely employ today.

Admittedly, the “precision” of our munitions in ODS was far less than the military/administration spinmeisters had lead us to believe. But t was far better than the “drop on faith” Norden bomb sight protocol of WWII through Vietnam. Today, we can (not with 100% repeatability, but pretty good) not only reliably drop a munitions on a particular building, but a particular floor on that building, AND select the precise load, so that we drop that building, and not the one adjacent.

So, tell me, Phil, what exactly is your definition of “precision”: when we can fly a cruise missile up Zarqawi’s ass, and have it enter so smoothly that he doesn’t even realize it until it detonates? Well, just give the folks at Textron another ten years.

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