09. April 2005 · Comments Off on The Man Of The Year? · Categories: General

The past week’s outpouring of the grievers for the late Pope John Paul II might favor him to be honored posthumously as Time Magazine’s Man of the Year. But, the very makeup of that congregation prods me to put forth a dark-horse candidate for that pantheon.

Every commentator from Rome this week has remarked upon the multi-national, multi-denominational, multi-ethnic turn-out, including many heads-of-state from nations which allow no religious freedom – punctuating a doctrine he lived like no Pope before: that All are welcome to dine at His table.

But I draw your attention to another cleric whom John Paul II has no-doubt influenced – Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani. Indeed, his realization, that the marriage of church-to -tate weakens both, may be the grandest revelation of our time. The “iron triangle” of Reagan/Thacher/John Paul II may be matched in the annals of history by Bush/Blair/Ali Sistani.

Time will tell.

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