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So, I have been fiddling around with the next book – well, the next two, anyway. The joking suggestion regarding re-booting a certain popular western serial adventure as a straight historical, after filing off a number of readily-identifiable and no-doubt-ferociously-protected-by-cast-iron-copyrights elements … well, it started to have considerable appeal, especially after Blondie suggested making it a YA adventure and focused toward boys – tweens and teens. Look, it works for Harry Potter, so … why not?

I’ve had a go with four chapters so far; relocating the time-frame to Republic-era Texas, and drawing on a number of historical characters. It’ll be more of a light-hearted romp than the Trilogy and the other books set in that period … which have gotten rather dramatic of late.

Without further ado – Chapter One, and Chapter Two, in which a young volunteer Texas Ranger is the only survivor of a treacherous encounter with a handful of renegades and a mysterious wagon …

And Chapters Three and Four, wherein young James Reade, Esquire and the Delaware Indian Scout Toby Shaw attempt to forestall a famous Texas feud before it even gets started …

Enjoy. I’ll be doing that Sarah Hoyt does – that is, posting the first draft of chapters as I write them. The finished adventures will be edited, polished, added-to and re-written for eventual publication as a print and eBook.

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