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So the concept of an “October Surprise” in an election year is so hoary a notion that pundits have evolved that name for it; a planned last-minute revelation before an election (usually of the presidential-variety) of something so scandalous and disreputable that it upends the expected campaign win of the candidate the ‘Surprise” is aimed at. The Rathergate – Texas Air National Guard memo, which Dan Rather and 60 Minutes unleashed on George W. Bush just before the 2004 election is the example which springs first to mind, and never mind that it was launched in September. It was still a desperate partisan attempt to upturn an election.

The Rathergate-TANG faked memo is a molehill in comparison to this year’s mountainous October Surprise. The TANG memo was spurious from the very start, but the Matterhorn of disreputable materiel on Hunter Biden’s laptop doesn’t appear to have been generated by someone faking a document and Xeroxing it over and over again to make it look more convincing. Moreover, most of the people who have generated the emails, the pictures, the recorded texts … they are still alive, at least for now, and the most damaging stuff wasn’t generated decades in the past. It’s all in the here and now, and still relevant, and with even more damning materiel to come – and come it will, especially on the conservative side of the blogosphere, no matter how the National Media Establishment and their allies in Big Tech deny, obscure, and distract … the damaging information to the Biden campaign will get out there.

Is it in time to turn the election into a Trump blow-out? How badly is the Biden brand crippled by sordid business, sexual and drug-abuse revelations revealed on the laptop previously owned by Hunter “Crackhead McStripperBanger” Biden? Discuss as you wish and have insight. The Daughter Unit and I have already voted – and the lines at the early voting location have been the longest that we have ever seen them, every day so far.

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