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This last week ended on an upbeat note— long sessions at two different agencies on Monday and Tuesday, filing out forms and testing on general knowledge and the more common computer programs. I should like to point out for the record that to the best of my memory, this is the first time since the 5th grade that I have been asked to subtract 5/21ths from 6/7ths. That was followed on Wednesday and Thursday with interviews— potential employers or their underlings. By now, I think I have visited practically every grand high-rise office building with a marble-paneled lobby on the North Side.

One firm is long-established, and only about a block away from the previous employer; I would be one of a number of mid-ranked support staff— no word about exactly what I would be paid, and I am not so crass or stupid to bring that up during an initial interview. (The temp firm that sent me knows very well what I am asking for, though.) Likely, I’d be called back for a second interview— the temp agent was positive I would make the cut.
The second interview was for an executive admin position with a start-up firm, and I met with the man who is starting up the company. He seemed quite frazzled, but enthusiastic, and went into a lot of detail about his plans, and asked very specific things about my experience, to the point where I was a little unsure about which position he was interviewing me for, exactly.

We drove over to look at the building where the office will be— another splendid pile of glass and marble. (Why do I like these palatial office piles so much? It’s probably the result of all those years laboring away in what the military provided: aging temporary buildings, Quonset huts and sagging frame structures held up with forty years of accumulated paint, conblock walls painted pale green, worn industrial linoleum on the floor, and ancient latrines that could be smelt halfway down the hall on a hot day, no matter what sort of cleaner/deodorant was poured into them.)

So, I got the good news on Friday afternoon from the temp counselor who had scheduled the second interview— the letter offering terms of employment will be written up this week. I am about 90% sure I will accept them— the salary is about what I wanted, the location is perfect— about fifteen minutes commute, and I would so much rather be on the ground floor of a startup, reporting to one person and having a say in sorting things out to my own preference… as opposed to having to fit in to a well-established routine and having to juggle the admin needs of a team of people. The first place may yet offer a lot more money… but the start-up draws me, like a moth to a flame. Even if it only lasts a couple of years, or four of five, it will still be an impressive notch on the ol’ resume. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll go back to the temp services, those who have the main line to providing high-end staff, and roll the employment dice again.

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