12. December 2005 · Comments Off on The Potato Gun Phenomenon · Categories: General

This from Dr. Helen:

Remember when kids could play with toy guns and they were not a symbol of all that was evil in the world? My daughter doesn’t. She warned me that she could never bring the potato gun to school without the risk of expulsion. The sheer joy of running around being a kid is denied to our children today. It is a shame–it is no wonder our kids are so fat today. The slightest hint of rambunctiousness is medicated out of them and diagnosed as ADHD. A pointed finger becomes a symbol of a weapon that requires therapy or suspension. The whole world is now a place where mean adults (especially males) will kidnap you if you dare venture out into the world. It is best to just stay home, watch tv and eat junk food to squelch whatever desire you have to be autonomous in the world. Do we ever realize what joy we have taken from our kids in exchange for safety?

Hear hear, Dr. Helen! You are reading from what is a recurrent theme, here at The Daily Brief. In today’s society, we even have those busy-bodies who condemn children playing out aggressive tendencies vicariously through video games. They deny the basic nature of human beings. And, in turn, serve to foster dysfunction, not arrest it.

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