That would be the poisonous racism of Jew-hate, of course. And it does not dare say its’ name in the headlines and newsrooms of the mainstream news media – much less in the classrooms of the educational industry in this great nation of ours, which is a pity for all, as the news media is exactly that element whom we had trusted for decades, as that saying in the ‘60ies was – to tell it like it is. Only the fringe conservative media, the bloggers, and various iconoclasts like Breitbart dare to call Jew-hate for what it is and nail the most egregious of those perpetuating it.

Because the nastiest, most vicious, and violent Jew-haters in the US today are black Americans, a subset of those black Americans who also identify as some odd stripe of Islam, or those mainstream Islamics like Ilhan Omar who also gather some cover for their Jew-hating by drawing a cover of ‘color’ over themselves. This discretion on the part of the National Establishment News Media is because black, or Afro-American, or ‘of color’ or whatever the current descriptive du jour might be, are fairly high up on the totem-pole of ‘those of whom no uncomfortable observations may be made, no matter how accurate.’ That’s the standard embraced by the National Establishment Media (and the intellectual establishment as well) and they will stick to it as if tied to the mast of a storm-tossed ship, as have been demonstrated to us deplorables over and over again.

These two principles are well-known to anyone who pays attention to the moderate-to-conservative side of the blogosphere. We know damn-well that stories of bullying in schools, of incidents of polar-bear hunting or the knock-out game, of mass swarming of retail outlets by gangs of shoplifters (who curiously, appear to be of color) – all of this will be minimized or air-brushed away by the National Establishment News Media as insignificant, meaning nothing – and that those who notice it at all are racists of the most racist sort. This is gaslighting raised to an almost industrial level. Perhaps Monsey attack on Hannukah celebrants this last weekend, plus the spate of harassment of conservative Jews by blacks in the very streets of New York has cracked the wall of mainstream media silence.

The very worst of the black Jew-haters, like Louis Farrakhan and Al Sharpton hate Anglo-Americans only slightly less than they hate the visually identifiable Jews. Curiously enough, Louis Farrakhan enjoys a position of influence and respect among the black community, although his evil scientist Yacub-creating-the-white-man may be the most malignant flight of fancy since the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and for much the same reason. Al Sharpton, who made his bones (literally) as the worst kind of local racial rabble-rouser, is now an apparently respectable member of the television commentariat, and a guest at the White House during the Obama administration. There may be a dozen or so white Nazis, in a trailer-park compound out in the back country somewhere, who make a loud point of their Jew-hate, but they don’t sport thousand-dollar suits, or visit the White House. Indeed, Jew-hate has gone mainstream – but not the way in which we had been led to expect. Comment as you wish.


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