12. June 2024 · Comments Off on The Rainbow Limit – A Personal Rant · Categories: Ain't That America?

Here we are, only a bare week and a half into “Pride Month” and I’m already tired of it all – triggered by an email for a fabric and interior decorating store that I did subscribe to and don’t anymore. Yes, they sent me an email advertising their assortment of Pride-themed fabrics and that’s when my last nerve was stomped on, metaphorically, with hobnailed boots. A small thing … but it hit my limit of toleration. Mainstream commercial retail has been doing this – Target stores being the example which comes most often to mind. I can only assume that their leadership gets a nice warm fuzzy feeling over catering to a miniscule minority while annoying the heck out of a larger segment of the purchasing public.

For some reason June has become the month set aside by … the current zeitgeist, the ad agencies, the LGBTQVWXYZTLGBLT-whatever orgs … to celebrate the LGBT-BLT lifestyle of a minority of the human population in these variably-blessed and sort-of united States. A minority which encompasses perhaps two percent of the population overall, three percent at best, plus maybe another two or three percent comprised of confused adolescents trying to shock their parents and deeply unbalanced adults hopping on the current social fad bandwagon. Yet, somehow, this relatively tiny but ear-splittingly loud minority get a whole month wherein to pester the general public, parade through the streets and flog rainbow-themed merch wherever you glance. Activists and politicians wanting to goose their ratings in the polls, exhibitionists wanting to shock the daylights out of the normies by wearing fetish gear in public during the day and commercial interests looking for a few extra dollars in these inflationary days have seized on any old excuse to hawk their wares between Memorial Day and the 4th of July. As has been pointed out frequently by commenters on the conservative side of the spectrum – our war dead, our veterans, our past presidents and our country itself only get a single day each; why do the LGBT-BLTs rate the whole darned month?

This is not, by the way, to be construed as me expressing a dislike or even a hatred of LGBT-BLT individuals. I just don’t care what consenting adults get up to in private; haven’t cared for simply decades. (The operative words here are consenting, adult and private. Like Mrs. Patrick Campbell is supposed to have said – Don’t care what you do in the bedroom, just don’t be doing it in the road and frightening the horses.) Why the heck should we be hectored into a pretense of caring about the LGBT-BLT spectrum now; as if they let up any time during the other eleven months? It used be said that it was the love that dare not speak it’s name, now it’s the love that never shuts up. As I said, I’m sick and tired of Pride Month already, and it’s only a week and a half into June. Your comments?

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