19. July 2005 · Comments Off on The Safety Inspection · Categories: Air Force

Is there anything on this planet that causes supervisors and department heads to lose their minds faster than a Safety Inspection? Seriously, as a Safety NCO I email bulletins and constantly hammer home the basics at staff meetings and through other emails and that’s been going on for months. The day before and the day of the inspection, suddenly these things are a “suprise” to all and there’s this mad scramble. I’ve watched it for 20 years…still don’t get it. What is so hard about doing the right thing or correcting something as soon as you see there’s a problem?

Update: Jesus Christ on a Pogo Stick people are stupid! Over and over and over and over and over again we talk about the “dreaded” illegal space heater and I swear to all that’s holy we found one illegally set up in almost every freaking office I stepped into! (What makes a space heater illegal and not just stupid on one of the hottest freaking days of the year? If it’s under a desk and doesn’t have 18 inches of clearance and doesn’t turn off when it tips over and doesn’t comply with safety tests that NASA would balk at.)

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