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It seems Bravo has another pop-culture hit with their Wednesday night series Project Runway, where supermodel Heidi Klum leads the judging against 12 aspiring fashion designers.

For the record, my money is on “Air Force brat” Kara Saun. But the the real story is with the models, particularly 17 year-old Melissa Haro. She is America’s next great supermodel.

Update: If you are curious about Chris Pierce (and you should be), you will hear snippets of the acoustic version of his Are You Beautiful? on PR‘s Banana Republic ads.

Update 2: It seems space-case PR model (just eliminated) Morgan Quinn has just f___ed off a major shoot. Do not pass Go – Do not collect $10,000:

January 25, 2005MORGAN Quinn, the naughty Next mannequin who is wreaking havoc on Bravo’s “Project Runway,” snarled a shoot for Carlisle clothing last week. Our source says that an hour after she was supposed to be there, the flighty Quinn called from her cellphone to say her cab had been struck by another car. The blond bombshell later walked off the set in tears, saying she’d suffered a concussion in the accident and felt “dizzy.”

Yes, Morgan has some skills. But so does Melissa. And further, as sown by how she played Page Six‘s Robert Johnson on last week’s episode, she has some other essential skills as well. As designer Jay McCarroll said: “She’s 16, going on 35.” But, frankly – and contrary to Johnson’s appraisal of Morgan as a “blond bombshell,” she is not really that good looking (by model standards). Contrast her to Melissa: check the face, check the figure; Melissa has “it”.

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