23. January 2005 · Comments Off on The Topic “A” You Say? · Categories: General

I adore Tina Brown. I think she would be prime GF material – a lovely woman with an engaging personality. But in the rarified atmosphere of scio-political talking-head shows, I have to say, CNBC’s Topic A With Tina Brown leaves much to be desired. Yet I watch it. The reason is that they cover material which is often overlooked by the first-tier talking head shows.

But, as such, I generally watch it in the background, and miss the details of some important stories, as I did today, when she and her panel brought to the fore this story, about Harvard’s Larry Summers, and Condolezza Rice.

Speaking at the National Bureau of Economic Research, Summers suggested that the shortage of top women in the “traditionally male” fields of math and science might possibly be attributable to “innate differences” in aptitude between the genders.

Oh yes, this should certainly give rise (pun most certainly intended) to the perfect political storm.

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