22. April 2005 · Comments Off on The Unexamined Life is Not Worth Living (Diet and Exercise Edition I) · Categories: General Nonsense

You know what happens at my age when you drink a six pack of Diet Coke with Lime during the course of a day when you also let your commando body-sculpting instructor take you through (groan) stations? You lay in bed awake staring at the ceiling petting a (very happy) cat until well past midnight, waiting to fall asleep as muscles you didn’t even realize you had twitch and fire off static electricity. When I was a teenager that was kind of cool, laying there with the stereo playing, running through the day over and over and over again… These days…not so much…moslty because my days are so bloody boring.

What’s that? Perhaps my own sense of humor or the absurd becomes a bit warped too? Well I suppose you could make that case…

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