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It seems that Ruling Class lackey and unfunny comedian Bill Mahler has unburdened himself of a particularly snide monologue this week just past, outlining what he sees as the difference between the residents of blue and red states – to the denigration of the red states, of course. This monologue was delivered to applause and laughter at every line – especially the one about the Blues (AKA – Our Kind, Darling!) having Wolfgang Puck and those lamentable, deplorable Reds only having Chef Boyardee, har, har, har! (We have Paula Deen, the Pioneer Woman, and Guy Fieri … and anyway, isn’t Wolfgang Puck so 80ies? He was a laugh line in Northern Exposure sub-plot involving Adam the anti-social master chef for petes’ sake.) There was also another laugh line, about how we all in flyover country were living in a state of frustrated envy, because the Blues are the British Royal Family, and the Red Staters are Megan Markle’s dad.

Yeah, Bill really slayed those in his audience with that line. Never mind that staunch small ‘r’ republicans have ever viewed the concept of royal families – British or otherwise – with a jaundiced eye. And Mr. Markle (as well as his ex-wife) seems to be living a small, comfortable and dignified life on his own terms, only slightly harassed on occasion by stray royal-watchers. Hey, the castles and the jewel collections would be great, but not being the constant, unblinking, critical focus of the public eye, day in, day out, for your entire life.

Back on the subject of the unfunny and desperately clueless Mr. Mahler. He and those like him in the media industry are merely the oozing surface pustule, a symptom of a darker, and even malignant condition afflicting those who see themselves as the natural American Ruling Class – and that is the wanton, contemptuous and deliberately cultivated ignorance of those who aren’t Their Kind, Darling. Which would be endurable, if they weren’t so vocal about their disdain, and if their words and actions didn’t encourage unhinged progressives to act out by physically attacking people and establishments … like the Family Research Council headquarters, Republican legislators practicing for a charity softball game, teenagers from a Catholic School attending the March for Life, people attending Trump rallies or wearing MAGA ballcaps, conservative student activists on the UC Berkley campus, or perpetuating fake hate crimes most often blamed upon conservative horribles … which usually turn out to be completely fraudulent, as in the case of Jussie Smallett. The Establishment National Media never seems to exercise a shred of skepticism about reporting on them – no, they give every indication of falling upon such occurrences in the hope that “this” one will be all too horribly true.

This is a dangerous game, as this essay points out. Loose-lipped, malicious personalities like Bill Mahler and his ilk in media, entertainment, academia and politics – are essentially tap-dancing with steel-toed shoes in a dark room packed with powder-kegs and flints, without the slightest sense of awareness of what will happen when a spark is struck.
Discuss – any thoughts on what will ignite the powder-kegs, and what, if anything, we can or should do?

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