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You know, there are days – which are happening more frequently of late – when I open up the internet window first thing in the morning and swear that I have accidently gone from Instapundit to The Onion. It used to be that August was the silly season, but I swear, the whole darned year is the silly season now…

Hoodies, Spike Lee and Tray-vonn Martin. I suppose any day now that Spike and the rest of his homies will be putting on their hoods and burning a cross on someone’s front lawn. Nice to know that the principle being upheld here is that a young person of color, in a neighborhood where he/she is not known can get mouthy and all thuggish on the local member of the neighborhood watch who wants to know who they are and what they are doing … to the point of knocking them down and banging their head on the pavement repeatedly.

Now screechy so-called comedian Rosannadanna Barr is tweeting George Zimmerman’s parents’ home address to her tens of twitter followers and threatening to show up at their house … I dunno what she is planning on doing when she gets there. Take a dump on their lawn, I guess. She is supposed to have a new television show coming out soon, too. Or did, until this desperately stupid protest movement congealed into a mass so dense that it threatens to drop through the world and out the other side.

Look – a lynch mob is still a lynch mob, whether it is tweets and facebooking, or torches and pitchforks. I am pretty sure that if George Zimmerman’s name had been George Martinez that hardly anyone outside of Florida would have heard anything about this. Funny how we were suddenly hearing all about it, though. Wonder what next week’s cause du jour will be – last week it was ‘ohhh, those nasty Repubs are coming to put a padlock on your lady-parts!’

Speaking of matters racial – is there a member of the Congressional Black Caucus who isn’t corrupt as all get-out, crazy as a loon, savagely nasty to work for or as dumb as a post? Honestly – I don’t think we’re seeing the best and the brightest members of the African-American community out here. Which is a pity really, because I know they are out there; I worked for and alongside many of the best while in the military. They probably are just too upright and competent to go into politics. It’s probably racist for me to even wonder about this, but then, I’ll always have Alan West to consider, and then I do feel a little better. Not much, but at least a little better.

Mallik Al Sham-wow – er, that is, Shabazz – a so-called local leader of the so-called New Black Panther Party threatened to burn Detroit to the ground, rather than allow … oh, whatever it is that will involve the state to impose a little order and sanity. OK then – how the heck will anyone be able to tell the difference, if he and his good buddies carry through with that threat? In fact, it might even improve the urban real estate somewhat.

Finally – Jane Fonda playing Nancy Reagan. In a movie about the Gipper. I have to sit back and contemplate the sheer, monumentally awesome stupidity of that casting decision. Is it time yet to quarantine Hollywood as a biohazard, lest the concentrated idiocy seep out and start contaminating the groundwater or something. I can’t see many liberals going to movie about Ronnie Reagan, even to point and laugh because likely it will be a partisan hit-piece like the Sarah Palin movie … and I can’t see any conserve-libertarian moving two inches off a rock ledge to see Jane Fonda in anything. Well, maybe if it was Jane committing hara-kiri on herself with a rusty bayonet and no CGI effects.

I used to think that I lived in a sensible country … at least the part of it that I live in is still OK. But I hafta tell you folks … I am getting seriously worried about some of the rest of it.

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