28. August 2004 · Comments Off on There Otta’ Be A Law – NOT · Categories: General

Huntington Beach, California is going off the deep end to control cell phone use in their public library:

A new ordinance that takes effect September 15th bans all cell phone use in libraries. That includes talking, text messaging and ringing tones of any kind.

First-time violators will be warned, then fined 250 dollars if they don’t comply. A second offense gets a 500 dollar fine and third-time offenders will pay a thousand bucks.

Note that the actual fine includes a penalty assessment, which currently runs about two and a half times the original fine. But will someone tell me why cell phone use in libraries can’t be controlled in the same manner talking to other library patrons, or other disruptive behavior has been for years: the librarian asks you to tone it down, or cease. And if you don’t comply, you are ejected. Why do we need a new law here?

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