01. February 2005 · Comments Off on They’re Not Laughing With You, They’re Laughing At You! · Categories: General, Media Matters Not

To: The Associated Press
From: Sgt. Mom
Re: Another Story, Too Good to Be True

1. Honestly, it does not take all that much to fool you guys, these days. Ummm… it might be that gullibility may not be a good survival trait for an international news service. I know you want to be first with the scoop, but the speed with which this particular story was debunked reflects no credit. You do have editors? Someone with a sharp eye and a little bit of knowlege? How about a Boy Scout with rabies?*

2. On the other hand, I rejoice to see that my previous memo on the subject of the proper application of humor is being taken seriously.

3. I don’t think we need any more pics of “Sorority Slut Barbie” though**.

Carry on, all
Sgt. Mom

*Obscure Maxwell Smart reference
**Google this yourself. It’s not as if dirty minds need encouragment

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