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No one has my name on a list with any sort of “vulnerable for deployment date.”

I’m back in a civilized city that has more than one Jack In The Box. JITB Tacos are a guilty pleasure of mine. I know they’re bad for me 9 ways from sideways, but they were the first taco I ever tasted and they are the epitome of fast food comfort to me.

I actually get paid overtime.

I can shave or not…no one cares…at all…that’s taking some getting used to.

It’s good to have a mustache that doesn’t make me look like a pedophile.

If I’m a lil chubby, I don’t have to make an appointment with anybody.

No one is expecting me to run a mile and a half for any reason. As a matter of fact, I believe they’d think I was crazy if I brought up a “fun run” as any sort of “team building” exercise.

Everyone asks me if I always walk so fast…I didn’t realize I did until recently. I’m learning to slow down.

The boss tells everyone to call him by his first name. If I slip and call him, “Sir” he just looks at me and shakes his head because he’s like, TOLD me personally on more than one occasion.

I’m NEVER on call unless I WANT to be.

I’m letting my hair grow out mostly out of curiosity to see what’s there and what isn’t and what colors are currently involved. It’s actually touching my ears. No one seems to think that’s weird in any way. I may go long hair when all is said and done. Washed and styled long hair mind you, but long none the less.

When I switch shifts, it’s for at least 90 days so my body can get used to a new sleep pattern.

I actually get paid more for working nights.

The boss pushes night football games onto the monitors in the work areas.

No one touches my hat if I wear it inside.

My two earrings in my left ear are actually conservative out here in the civilian realm. When did that happen, the 90s?

Just like in the military, my current job sometime requires that all I do is sit there while someone yells at me. Unlike the military if that person doing the yelling starts cussing me out or dissing my parents, I can hang up on them, as a matter of fact, I’m required to.

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