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I ran across this on a message board I frequent. The original topic was whether Hillary would concede and it evolved from there into one of those “beating a dead horse” kind of conversations where everyone wanted to list their own views but no one wanted to listen to anyone else’s views.

As commonly happens when politics come up in conversation, it didn’t take long before one side was accusing the other side of only dealing with emotions, not with facts.

Someone finally said: You guys are entitled to your opinion, I’m entitled to mine. (At least for now).
That’s what makes this country great.

To which one of those who had stated that the other side needed to deal with facts, replied: Agreed. Viva l’opinion! I just wish fellow Americans would do their research and all would be as it should be.

Ummm…. was this person really saying that if we all did our research we’d have the same opinion that she does? Cause that’s certainly what it sounded like to me.

I just wish that folks could respect the reality that even if we all examine the same facts, we can come up with different opinions. That doesn’t mean we’re crazy or evil or wrong, it means we’re human.

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